We see the potential for health and prosperity in communities around the world.

At Abbott, we believe that responsible, sustainable and inclusive business plays an important role in building a healthy, thriving society. We strive to foster economic, environmental and social well-being through our operations and in our work with others.

Every day, people around the world depend on our products to live not only longer, but better. That’s why we run our business the right way, for the long term and for the benefit of the many people we serve.

Our citizenship efforts focus on three priorities that benefit communities and our business and that best match our scientific expertise, business acumen and unique resources.


Delivering product excellence

People around the world depend on our products, and our business, to help them lead healthier lives. This is our fundamental purpose: delivering innovative, high-quality products that help people live better.

Improving access

We want the products we create to reach the people who need them. That’s why we work in partnership to expand availability of our products and address key barriers, including building healthcare capacity.

Safeguaring the environment 

We work to reduce the environmental impact of our business, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and distributing our products, and even to the use and disposal of our products and packaging.


Responsible business practices

We run our business in the right way, for the long term. Every day, through actions big and small, we ensure that our business works for the benefit of the many people we serve.

Inclusive business/shared value

By building capacity in our supply chain, creating localized products, expanding the reach of our products and addressing barriers to care, we work to meet unmet social needs while building our business.

Strategic philanthropy

Abbott and our foundation, the Abbott Fund, support social programs that align with our business, harnessing the specialized expertise of Abbott employees and our innovative products.